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Oh that’s cool? So I just click that and it’s on my website? But how do it change the pictu- oh. That was easy.

Cassidy Bundy

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your questions:

Lets say for www.coolexample.com, the domain is ‘coolexample’ and the extension is ‘.com’. By registering a domain with your chosen extension, you are identifying yourself or your brand with a unique web address. It’s the ‘location’ of your website, and how people find you.

.com, .ca, .net & .biz are all popular choices. Choose from over 500 unique extentions and stand out with something that defines your brand!

Nobody ‘owns’ the internet, but YOU own exclusive rights to use a domain once registered. We are what’s called a ‘domain registrar’. It’s through us that you purchase and pay for your domain registration. 

Simply log-in to your self-serve client portal to manage all your domains and web products in one place.

Sure? I mean, if I have the power to edit the website, then I certainly have the power to register your domain name for free. Why don’t you contact us with your request and we’ll see what we can do.

Try something similar with a creative extension, like .photography or .store! In some cases, we can help purchase a domain from someone if you want it. Just get in touch!

Yes. Internally, we use the same industry-leading end-to-end encryption and security systems that we offer to our clients.

When you register a domain, select information may be made public, such as your company name or contact information. You can choose to hide this information by doing what called a “private registration”. In this case, our webmaster’s information is displayed in place of yours, and all essential communications are relayed to you as required. 

It’s not a secret or anything. As a registrar, we do have the power to register select domain names at no-charge for our clients. Simply get in touch and we’ll see what’s available! 

Use our domain transfer tool to bring it over from it’s current registrar. A nominal one-time transaction fee applies. When you transfer, you will be renewing the registration for a full 12 months. You can call customer support at 1-844-494-9067 for help with this if you get stuck.

But how did you get the domain if someone else had it? Is that what the domain backorder was?

Brock Ducross

Our backorder service works automatically!

Be first in line when a domain is up for sale!

Domain backorders automatically capture a domain that you want when it becomes available, making you first in line to do something new with it!


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